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How to set up a match, rules and rewards

Izaberi jezik:

Open AUTOSELEKT Application. If you are a subscriber, you have a large selection from all leagues.

Find a good match and put it on Ticket A (as in the picture) or on Ticket B by clicking on the Save button.

In this way, you have set your own type to one of the ticket in the program below (Ticket A or Ticket B).

This part is finished, see the next explanation in the section below.

Generic placeholder image

Your tip is set in Ticket A Make the ticket for betting in the same way.

When you set a match on a ticket or you have set up several types (total 8, 4 for Ticket A and 4 for Ticket B), select the 3 best matches for our competition by clicking the Post button.

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And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

That was the last step. You only need to check the Home Page if your type has been successfully placed.

The matches you post and other competitors are always visible to all visitors of our site.

We wish you a lot of success in the competition


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Rules of the competition

  • The first and the main condition for the ranking is the profit (minimum 10 matches).
  • In the event that the profit is the same, then the second condition is the number of win.
  • If this number is the same, the third condition is the percentage of success.
  • If all the numbers are the same, then everyone who came to the prize is awarded.


  • First place - 30 days BASIC subscription.
  • Second place - 20 days BASIC subscription.
  • Third place - 10 days BASIC subscription.